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Personal Development Trainings

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As the changes in technology are accelerating, it has become even more necessary to provide, technology be productive and improve their skills for people everywhere. Develop skills; ready to advance their talents, practical training is provided. Course that are offered at Gigabyte Ltd are illustrated in details below; Click here to apply for our courses.


Cashier Cash Register Usage and Customer Behavior Training

Participants in this training are; Market and stores used in IBM, TOSHIBA and CARISMA POS devices, such as Cod or barcoded product sales and returns, payment and collection transactions, document types, campaigns and points, receive practical training on how to treat customers and they will have detailed knowledge.

Merchandising Back Office Applications and Executive Training

Participants in this training are; computer and safe systems used in businesses and stores, how these systems facilitate the operation of the operator, they will have knowledge about the correct installation and maintenance of the system. The personnel who will use the system will be guided correctly, how to get reports via systems. The subject will also show the operation of IBM, TOSHIBA and CARISMA POS devices which are used at store side cash registers. The use of SoftwareMan Suit, a Backoffice software that integrates with the cash register Genius, will be shown practically how the reports can be obtained.

Computerized Pre-Accounting and Stock Management Training

Participants in this training are; by using the applied stock and finance program on the computer, pre-accounting transactions, what should be legal about VAT, they will learn practical shortcuts when using the SoftwareMen Suite program, they will also learn about the use of hand held terminals in inventory management and reporting.

Computer and Office Applications Training

Participants in this training are; basic features of the operating system, file management, e-mail and e-mail related file operations, preparing and editing basic documents with word processor, regular data entry and table editing with electronic spreadsheet, you can get graphics at hand and be able to calculate mathematical operations using data from different media, they will learn the necessary techniques to prepare the presentation.

Advanced Practice Microsoft Excel Training

In today's most demanding data analysis and reporting, Microsoft Excel offers a complete solution. As a result of the Advanced Practice Microsoft Excel Training, Participants will use Microsoft Excel program more effectively and efficiently in their working lives, reach the most accurate results in reporting and analysis and gain experience in reaching solutions to the problems they encounter.