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Gigabyte Ltd. offers technology camps for children of 9 to 18 years to develop both coding skills and discover technologies in a fun environment. We have a variety of camp designed to shoot the imagination of future programmers, innovative engineers and leading game designers and equip them with technology skills. Camps are divided into specific age groups and learning skills.Click here to apply for our courses.


9-11 Age Analytical Thought (Lego Robotics 1 + Programming 1)

Lego Robotics 1 allows our young students to understand the basics of controlling a robot using logic. The camp we build is perfect for kids who are curious, building passion, and most importantly, those who want to find solutions to the challenges. Each child will build their own special robot and will come from the top of a lot of robotics, from the labyrinth mania to the robot wars, without destroying the bomb! Using the LEGO robots as part of the learning process allows your child's robots to have fun while being able to have fun.

12-14 Age Analytical Thought (Lego Robotics 2 + Programming 2)

This camp starts with a "quick glance" of topics covered in Lego Robotics Level 1 and continues with more advanced programming. In this fun-filled camp, every robot will test boundaries - pass through labyrinths, try on obstacles, fight with other robots, and much more! Your child learns how to use variables, how to use variables, branching and looping to create code logic. The code will receive and process the data coming from the logic sensors of the robot, and the robot will execute instructions on what action should be taken when an obstacle is detected. Your child will be encouraged to think creatively and logically to solve a range of challenges that provide maximum satisfaction!

15-18 Age Analytical Thought (Game Design + Programming 3)

This camp uses the exciting power of Gaming to provide an excellent starting point for game designers. This package is packed with game design tools that allow your child to go directly to the game design world. The camp aims to teach core coding concepts including variables, branching and looping. The camp is full of practical exercises and projects to bring out your child's imagination and creativity.