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    Gigabyte Ltd.

What are the services provided by Gigabyte Ltd.?

GIGABYTE LTD; In the retail sector, POS is always at your side customers, with its hardware, software and accessories, its own software solutions, all kinds of technical services and on-site or remote software support services.

Can I print a barcode label without installing the Barcode System?

Thanks to the Barcode 7/24 solution we have developed for manufacturers or trading companies without installing a barcode system, you can create your local barcode number on the internet. You can add and change products online via barkod724.gigabyteltd.com web address, you can get the output your barcodes from barcode724 which is in our company.

I want to do stock tracking. What do you recommend? Can I print a barcode?

You can use SoftwareMen Suite software package. You can manage the inventory, current, invoice, payment, collection, return, dispatch, order, warehouse transfer and counting of your company with our StockMan Inventory application software. There are also 7 different modules, 100 additional modules and reports in the software. Barcodeman is a Barcode Generation application that integrates with Stockman and Genius Office databases, and also supports printers( Argox, Cleaver Code, DataMax, SATO, ToshibaTec and Zebra) that can use their own database in * .csv format if desired.

Do you have software that I can keep a record of Bank, Check and Credit Card transactions?

The FinanceMan software in the SoftwareMen Suite software package can manage your prevailing, collection, payment, bank, credit card, expense, check / bill, cash registers and invoice closing transactions, you control all your financial transactions depending on the cash registers and the bank.

What do you recommend for trial balance and balance sheet transactions? How do I keep my Personnel Records?

With the AccountMan accounting module and our uniform accounting system, you can access the opening stock, deduction, disbursement, collectible, closing stock, cost, revenue, profit distribution and cash flow tables of the operator with the formation of funds flow, trial balance and balance sheet results by keeping journal, ledger, subsidiary ledger entries with asset chips. WageMan, staff module, personal staff information, salary, tax, insurance, reserve fund, additional work, leave, payroll, VD4 calculations are made, reported; It is the software for staff that can perform tax calculation from Net to Gross, Gross to Net or so on.

Is there software that can keep records of your company's service operations?

ServiceMan is an integrated service follow-up application with inventory and finance modules that manage the service traffic of the companies in the sectors such as white goods, automobile and information sector, spare parts, labor, call, warranty, serial watch and business planning.

What are your solutions for the restaurant?

SoftwareMen POS; developed for retail outlets such as grocery, food and beverage, shoes, clothing, café / bar, pharmacy, fastfood, pastry, club, association, school canteen; It is a sales automation system that can be used in Pos terminal and computers that works with Windows operating system. In the SoftwareMen POS system, features such as point-of-sale terminal, desk-top, take-away and fastfood can be used. Our company provide as hardware products POS, cash register, invoice / receipt printer and all the hardware and installation services you need.

Do you sell second-hand books?

We do not sell second hand cash registers.

How can we handle the financial transactions of POS systems that we have purchased?

Financial confirmation paperwork and follow-up of our cash registers are made by our company. However, you can also go to the TRNC revenue office and conduct transactions from the relevant unit.

How long are the warranty periods for products taken from your company? Do you provide support for these products?

The warranty periods of hardware and software products purchased from our company vary according to the manufacturer. Generally, 3 months for software products, 1 for some hardware products and 2 years for some products are given factory warranty. After sales solutions, training and consultancy services, reliable solutions are provided by on-site or remote connection.

Can you give us training on your software products?

Training of software products is of course provided.In situations where it is necessary, much more different kinds of trainings on information are given about IT.

Can we make the services of cash registers or POS devices purchased from you at other points?

The tax office gives the authority to interfere with the financial instruments only to authorized service centers. If the same device is given technical service authorization for another company, it can be done.

What is the water meter reading system?

Water Counter software developed for water meters managed by municipalities allows the usage of water meters to be calculated on the spot by using compatible hand terminals and the output of notification stickers can be obtained from Bluetooth enabled printers.

We want our children to learn something during the summer. Can they work for your company?

Due to our commitment to GlobalCompact principles, our company does not employ child workers. Instead, we are organizing summer camps for 9-11, 12-14, 15-18 age groups. If you wish, They can learn both analytical thinking and teamwork by participating in these camps.

Do you organize computer courses?

From the beginning of 2018 we decided to organize computer courses again in 5 different areas. Courses such as Personal Development Trainings, Cashier Cash Register Use and Customer Behavior Training, Retail Back Office Applications and Manager Training, Computer Pre-Accounting and Stock Management Training, Computer and Office Practice Training and Advanced Practice Microsoft Excel Trainings are provided.

Are there any IT technic trainings? How do I get a certificate?

Misosoft, Cisco and Comptia Trainings are provided under the Information Technologies Trainings section, enabling students to prepare for certification exams with accelerated courses if desired. Candidates wishing to take the examination can online register by registering with the approved Pearson vue examination center.