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Developed for the apparel / textile and retail sectors, these solutions facilitate sales and order processing. It also makes your sales analysis more practical. Integrating with the Stockman module, the SMPOS600 point-of-sale software can perform very serial and trouble-free sales operations in where sales are intense. On through touch screen equipment with SMPOS600; a new customer registration can be opened for the desired customer and a sales transaction can be made for the current account. X and Z sales reports can be taken for day-end cash settlement transactions. If general and more detailed sales reports are wanted, the StockMan module of the SoftwareMen Suite back office software can be used. A total discount can be applied on the desired products at the point of sale, a desired % discount can be made for certain customers. The sales you make at the point of sale can be transferred online to the StockMan module, which is the back office software. With the detailed filtering features in the reports, very different and complex analyzes can be done. For example, grouping of product information can analyze the ratio of each group to total sales. Product and current performance can be reported.With the multi-branch feature, wide sales networks can be created in the enterprises.With the central computer and StockMan software, sales information can be obtained from the SMPOS600 sales point installed in other branches, price changes are managed centrally. SMPOS600; It is an easy-to-use practical solution that implements the sales process of all types of retail and textile products in stores.Many cash registers work with case hardware, barcode readers and scales.