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Infrastructure Installations

An enterprise or organization's IT infrastructure is crucial for continuity of business continuity. For this purpose, the quality and appropriate use of the active and passive network elements used are equally important. If the wireless network is to be used, proper configuration of the router and access points is required. When wireless networking is considered, security is becoming more and more important.

Creates active / passive network elements, hardware, software and services the IT infrastructure. For this purpose, primarily the system room is the basis of this infrastructure. The system room must be well thought of from the cooling system to the fire detection and extinguishing system, from the monitoring system to the management system. We think and project all these projects and studies for you. In case you work with us, we do cable termination, network, server and firewall setup and configuration work with our competent technical staff. We are also capable of configuring and setting IP based devices that will work on any infrastructure such as wireless network, computer, printer, POS and scales.