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Pharmacy Solutions

As in every business, inventory, sales and customer management are important in pharmacies. The exchange-indexed products are predominant in this sector and price changes are frequent. SoftwareMen Suit Stockman module in our software solutions that care about pharmacy management is produced with the aim of work more harmoniously with organization and provide general stock management. The SoftwerMen Stock module, which can also be used at pharmacy sales points, is ideal for points requiring solutions with small budget. However, for larger pharmacies, the "SoftwareMen POS point of sale" solution can be used at the point of sale. For back office operations, the StockMan module may be preferred. We also have a smPharmacy solution that can be used with mobile handheld terminals we developed for pharmacies who want to spend their seizure days more comfortable. The aim is to be able to do product search and sales as a rover and to enable the customer to give faster service. Of course, it plays an important role in the practice of operations such as stock counting.

The general features of the solution are listed below.

• Ability to work with multiple users, firms and warehouses
• Ability to follow the expiration date
• Unlimited product and barcode definition
• In product description; automatic code and barcode creation
• Quick, to change price and to update price via internet
• Communication compatibility with Barcoded Cash Register
• Handling and analysis of hand-held terminals or manual counts
•Compatible with Handheld Terminals
• To be able to prepare Social Insurance and Military Prescription
• To be able to Green prescription patient follow-up
• Strong analysis capability with active reports
• Access to previous year's information without the need for annual transfer
• Easy learning with quick help on each screen