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Pharmacy Solutions

Our Stockman management system based on pharmacy management, which provides your pharmacy management globally; and to provide more harmonious success and general management in the organization. Direct counting results can be obtained thanks to pocket computers working with product manager and director Stockman, and direct invoice can be written if requested. Also; Communication in connection with POS points is possible.

Stockman Stock Management System:

• Ability to work with multiple users, firms and warehouses
• Multi-language support
• Ability to follow the expiration date
• Unlimited product and barcode definition
• In product description; automatic code and barcode creation
• Fast price change and price update over the Internet
• Communication compatibility with Barcoded Cash Register
• Handling and analysis of hand-held terminals or manual counts
• Compatible with Handheld Terminals
• To download and add discounts to the entry-exit documents
• Social Insurance and Military Prescription Opportunity
• Green prescription patient follow-up
• Strong analysis capability with effective reports
• Access to previous year's information without the need for year-end transfers
• Easy on-screen learning with quick help

Barcode System with Pocket PCs:

• The drug price list comes with the device.
• Laser barcode reader with faster barcode reading feature.
• The device can be used for purposes such as Phone book, Calendar, Notepad, calculator.
• External products can be added directly to the device by the user.
• You can change drug prices on the device, you can enter the expiry date.
• You can get a monthly sales report, which can be matched to your counter by taking the daily sum of the sales.
• A computer or barcode writer can communicate with the computer without the need for a muscle.
• Barcode allows you to get the price of the products you have read and to make a discount from the total.
• You can get the stock amount of the medicine; you can see the remaining amount sold.
• The device can receive drug prices updated via internet via modem.
• With the ActiveSync synchronization system, you have the possibility to synchronize with your data PC with a single keystroke.


IBM POS cash registers; These are cash register models offered by IBM for small and medium-sized businesses. They are devices designed to make all the sales transactions in your pharmacy easy and error-free and to keep track of your stocks. Thanks to the modem connection, more than one pharmacy can be controlled from a central location.

IBM POS - Cash Registers General Features:

• Large product memory
• Silent and fast printer systems
• Economic price advantages
• Convenient and powerful keyboard layouts
• Communication with PC via modem via cable or wireless
• Barcode reader binding feature

Price Labeling Printer:

Technical support and sales of INFOMED Surchargers in North Cyprus Gigabyte Ltd. It has undertaken. Technical specifications of the device include;

• 10 digit price printing feature
• Convenient readability thanks to the illuminated lcd screen
• The program name and the step-by-step program
• Written warning system when the label is over
• Countdown number that shows the amount of labels remaining in batches
• One-button price and quantity input
• Modern design.

Electronic Guard Panels:

• 2 different modes of operation, advertising and seizure
• Communication via modem via wired or wireless
• Make pharmacy changes on duty with computer
• Quarterly pharmacy knowledge in memory
• Automatically change the pharmacy on-call every day
• Easy to read from a distance