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Annual Maintenance

The "Annual Maintenance Service" we provide as Gigabyte Ltd. is a service repair and maintenance method based on the maintenance treaty in order to prevent any kind of malfunctions, extend the life span of the devices and increase the productivity. For products with warranty expiration, in line with the service agreement, the services given according to your needs are the whole. The purpose of this is to use resources in a planned and efficient manner when it is considered that it is difficult to find qualified personnel. It is the reduction of service costs by reducing repetitive transactions such as "give offer", "get approval", "exit service", "bill", "make collections".

In order to increase the productivity of computer and POS automation systems and to provide continuity of it, in the frequently and duration specified in the factory standards of the devices forming the system, by make to periodical preventive maintenance and by repair, according to their presence and working status, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the devices.

Care support agreements are generally made for 365 business days (1 year). The agreement provides services between 08.00 and 18.00 hours every day during working hours. If it is outside of working hours, our seizure system is valid and service is provided according to your needs. In this way; With computer automation service support contract, our company does the on-site maintenance of your devices, in the event of any malfunction, the fault will be intervened within 24 hours at the latest. Thanks to the emergency service or seizure service, the emergency is intervened in the breakdown. Depending on the condition and location of the fault, the intervention and troubleshooting times can be reduced to 2 hours.