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Inventory and Stock Count

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Inventory and Stock Count

Gigabyte Ltd. incorporates many services that make a difference in the sector with its innovative perspective, new technology based infrastructure and professional support team. One of these is the "Inventory and Inventory Counting Service" which meets the needs of "Counting and Inventory Control" of all sizes of enterprises. To make checks products and counting products of in company's warehouses and / or their stores easily, quickly and accurately, Gigabyte Ltd, with its developed methods and rigorous work, provide reporting by doing products and inventory checks.

Hand terminal and / or counting manager is leased for inventory and inventory counting, fixture determination and fixture counting. The hand terminals to be used during counting enable the transfer of product quantities to digital media. The counting manager transfers to its own system by checking the transferred data and edits these.

When companies want to use their own hand terminals, in order to prepare the counting own devices of the company for the purpose of setting up the program, we will need to bring us before the count. Current product information is provided by the companies that will do the count. This information is transferred to the hand terminals by our company. If inventory report is requested according to purchase and sale prices, buying price and selling prices should be added to product information. At the end of the counting, the counting results report is prepared together with the received data and the company is delivered. A confidentiality agreement is signed for the purpose of information security before the counting so that your data security is guaranteed. Since pricing differs according to the project, the pricing proposal is made in a procedural way. You can contact us and get information from all communication channels if you want to get more information and request a quote.