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Supplier Solution

Today, as consumer habits change day by day, they need to follow trends and make quick decisions about them. To emphasize products and brands with effective marketing activities, besides all of this, to ensure that the right products are in the right place and at the right time, has become a common problem for businesses. Businesses are obliged to stay in constant contact with their customers and and to meet their needs in the best and shortest time, no matter which sector they are operating in. One of the most preferred methods of achieving this is the "field sales-distribution operation". Thus, firms can directly reach their customers and determine their needs on site, they can even meet these needs instantly. While the campaigns and innovations can be communicated correctly to customers, the marketing strategy can be used efficiently. Today, performance and financial data become more important than ever, another important advantage of the field sales-distribution organization; to follow the field operation and to keep the current relations with the customer under full control and management.The field sales and order system we have developed for this purpose is SoftwareMen Suit and Softwaremen Mobile applications which are integrated together.If you want, you can work both online and offline thanks to 3g technology.

The advantages of these solutions can be listed as follows:

• It saves time.
• Increase sales and profitability.
• Provides operation and inventory controls.
• Increases total quality.
• It provides customer satisfaction and loyalty.
• It prevents billing errors.
• Increase effective sales duration.