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Restaurant Solutions

Restaurants need; We are working on many issues such as material purchasing, goods acceptance, stock follow-up, production, costing, order taking and follow-up, account and appraisal follow-up, waiter follow-up.

The solutions we offer in terms of facilitating and managing your business;

• Product description, group and subgroup definition, waitress definition, table definition, prescription and internal recipe definition (product prescription breakdown),
• Entering foreign exchange information, prescription, cost and sales pricing work,
• Identification of interconnected restaurants, chain-restaurant description,
• Application of different sales prices to different products at different locations, preparation of reports from one central console, tables - shift - waiter connection definitions, waiter embezzlement tally (following the amount of payment the waiter delivered for the food delivered)
• Opportunity to work under a single cashier's supervision, opportunity for waitress-based order entry via kiosk in the restaurant, possibility of order entry with separate hand terminals,
• Splitting the receipt during payment (the possibility of receiving multiple payments for a single order), account compass, credit card and invoice printing,
• End-of-the-day closing report, order receipt prints from different points according to the preparation style (single-order prints of drinks on a single order-order receipt, seperate orders of intermediate and main meals and dessert's own units)
• Order, goods receipt, stock and current (supplier account) tracking.