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Technical Service And Support

Technical Service Our services are provided in two forms as "IN PLACE" and "IN TECHNICAL SERVICE". The equipment and accessories you have brought to our technical service; the product is taked with the delivery receipt. The introduction section of the technical service form is populated in detail for the detection the problem of the device as soon as possible. Firstly; In order to understand the problem of the device, the device is passed through the pre-test. After this test, it is informed about the problem and repair of the device, to customer. If there are any parts which need to be repaired or replaced other than the problems emerging after the pre-test, this customer is informed again and is approved by the customer. It is absolutely told how much to the customer will pay by specifying the parts and service charge.

After receiving confirmation of repair, our Maintenance-Repair department will begin the repair process. If the replacement spare part of the device needs to be ordered, it will be presented to the customer for approval and the estimated lead time will be indicated to our customer. If everything goes well and the repair process is completed, the maintenance and repair team completes the service form and delivers device to the control staff. The control staff performs final checks of the appliance and tests whether the fault indicated by the customer has been removed or eliminated. If the problem is solved after this test, the service form for the device is approved and all the parts received with the delivery record will be delivered to the customer and made collections. The device is under warranty for 3 months against the same malfunction.