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    Vision, Mission, Principles and Policies


Quality products and with high quality solutions, provides that its customers always develop, learning, learning to teach, North Cyprus, Turkey and renewing itself in the world is to be a growing company.


To pursue systematically and rigorously in order to develop customer focused enterprise solutions in many fields of information sector by following new technologies in rapidly changing and developing world of information.


• To work for teamwork and quality service understanding, on the basis of honesty and trust, to be better than without denigrate our competitors.
• Create expertise to add value to our customers, and respect constructive, creative and innovative thinking.
• Attach importance to about information, technology and new systems,respecting society, nature and country, fighting peace instead of war, believing in love instead of violence.

Information Security Policy

The objective of the Information Security Management System is; ensuring business continuity, preventing or minimizing the security breaches that may arise in relation to information security is to bring the business losses to the lowest possible level. GigaByte Ltd. has information on its customers' databases, special access / connection information and special configurations of critical devices. As a company, we act to ensure the trust of the institutions and organizations serviced and to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of the information they use for the services protection.

Quality Policy

• To provide services that are beneficial to our customers with an approach that targets perfection and to increase the satisfaction of all our customers with these services. For this reason, our institution to provide a participatory and pluralistic management approach.
• In the products and services we provide; to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, managing customer feedback effectively, ensuring effective use of resources by eliminating wasteful operations and time losses, to make a timely delivery and to continuously improve the quality management system aimed at creating,
• To increase the trainings for continuous development and to raise awareness in every part of the society about educational benefits, ensuring that awareness is disseminated to all; in this way to ensure the formation and settlement of institutional culture,
• To establish a fast and effective working system by using technological facilities in corporate communication with our customers.

Job Security Policy

The Business Health and Safety Policy, which we have embraced as a company, is based on respect for human beings and the environment they live in. Every area where our company operates is occupational health and safety (OHS) the most important priority. The phrase "protect my health, keep my job" expresses this understanding.In order to provide a safe and healthy working environment, everyone is obliged to make necessary work within their own borders.One of our most important goals is to protect our employees and the environment we are in against the potential risks of our business community. In this direction;

• In the workplace; in order to ensure the health and safety of employees, sub-contractors, visitors and our employees who work outside the workplace, to take all kinds of precautions, equipments and personal protective equipment in accordance with the OSH legislation in force and other requirements related to OHS,
•In the workplace, unsafe conditions and movements that can cause occupational accidents and occupational diseases, possible accident risks, do an effective risk assessment to determine in advance and remove from the middle,
• Determine the risks that may cause work accidents and occupational diseases in the workplace, employees at all levels, visitors, to ensure the health, safety and social welfare of sub-contractors, to reduce all kinds of material and moral losses that may arise in the future of themselves and their families,
• To educate our employees in the field of occupational health and safety and to provide them with a good understanding of occupational health and safety,
• Our company has put in place business health and safety rules. Provide them to comply with these rules the subcontractor and visitors in the workplace.
•In terms of our company's OHS practices, to make it a model company in the presence of the institutions, the chambers of industry and associations.
•In terms of our company's OHS practices, to make it a model company in the presence of the institutions, the chambers of industry and associations.
• In this respect, we undertake to ensure the continuity of our OHS Management System, which has been established and is being implemented, as our OHS policy.