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Web Solutions

Gigabyte Ltd; It is a well-known and trusted name in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with its success in computer hardware and software and long-term cooperation. Gigabyte Ltd. as; we use this trust, experience and professionalism to meet the needs of our clients' Web sites. We welcome your website, domain name, hosting and corporate e-mail needs for you and provide you with uninterrupted use of all these services. With your professional team, we understand your expectations and offer the right solution for you.

By anticipating the needs of our customers, we develop appropriate packages for each expectation. From these packages; you can choose the one that best meets your needs and is affordable. It is your job to say what you want, and it is our job to please you.

What can you choose?

• You can sell products online,
• You can set up with a member / agency portal,
• Online booking system for hotel / tour / vehicle sales and rent.

Our services; It is divided into Standard and Corporate;

With Silver, Gold, Gold +, Platinum options, each package is designed to best express what they have. So; after reviewing the package that is appropriate for you,
your Web site will be available within the specified time.

Store, E-Commerce, Supermarket, E-Market, each package is prepared by professional content that allows institutions, organizations or businesses to get more from their web sites. Thus, after reviewing the package you will be ready to your website within the time specified in the package contents.