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Seminar given at International Final University

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Gigabyte Ltd. organized a seminar "International Student Development and Motivation in the Digital World" at International Final University. GigaByte Ltd. will continue its seminars for students, and to preparing to give her next seminars at Near East University and Eastern Mediterranean University. Gigabyte Ltd. and the International Final University organized a career seminar for students was held on 15.03.2018 within the framework of the industry-academy business association. Besides the students in the seminar, Dean Prof. Dr. Derviş Z. Deniz, and Prof. Sen. Dr. Adnan Khashman and GigaByte Ltd. Director Yilmaz Kaygısız also attended. At the International Final University Conference Hall II, at the seminar given by Ogechi Obaegbulam, GigaByte Ltd. Cyber Security and Operations Leader. Obaegbulam explained by examples that the developments in the digital world increased education, social activity and responsibilities, and accordingly the fact that one needs to augment his own development in various areas of his life. The duties of industry professionals and trainers; to ensure that young people are informed in order to benefit from these areas.Obaegbulam emphasized that the task of industry professionals and educators is to ensure that young people are informed in order to benefit from these areas, and he emphasized the importance of students adapting themselves to technological and technological advances. Participants in the seminar were also informed about professional training certification programs in professional development, and a protocol was signed between the two institutions on the basis of a business alliance.